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By putting to use the proper methods of online marketing you will quickly see an increase in your customer base. This increase of new customers driven from our online marketing strategies will help increase your revenue.

Grow Your Customer Base

Customers and clients are the most important things for the lifeline of a business. By utilizing our expertise in online marketing we can help drive more leads to your business on a monthly basis.

Business Revenue

By putting to use the proper methods of online marketing you will quickly see an increase in your customer base. This increase of new customers driven from our online marketing strategies will help increase your revenue.

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Monthly Lead Reports

On a monthly basis we will provide you with a lead generation report on the number of direct calls your new online marketing efforts are generating for you. This will give you the ability to know you are receiving a positive ROI from your online marketing.

Direct Involvement

You will have direct access to us as we are the individuals doing the actual SEO work you hired us for. We do not farm out our work to 3rd party companies. Our primary goal is to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. We believe it is important to establish a strong relationship with our clients and we want to know you as well as your business.

SEO Experts

We are constantly up to date on the latest strategies in online marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We are involved with the brightest minds in the world of SEO. We constantly are working on the best practices for our clients online marketing so you will always benefit from this knowledge.

Return on Investment

By putting to use the proper methods of online marketing you will quickly see an increase in your customer base. This increase of new customers driven from our online marketing strategies will help increase your revenue.

Driving Qualified Leads

Orlando SEO Consultants Welcome to, the leading Internet Marketing Advertising company in Orlando and Central Florida. We provide a wide range of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and related services to help your business rank in the major search engines.

A large percentage of the business owners I have spoken with have spent a lot of money on SEO services in the past and they have ended up not getting the guaranteed results they were promised.  This is not something that should be taken lightly because they have spent a great deal of money to receive no ROI from the services rendered.  This is not only the case for internet marketing!  Many people today still pay thousands of dollars per month to have an ad in the phone book to see absolutely no return on their investment.  Let me ask you, when was the last time you picked up a phone book?

It is unfortunate that this happens to individuals as they are given a slick marketing line that sounds great.  Depending on the amount of money the business invests into these services it can actually put them out of business on a promise of first page results.  It annoys me to see hard working business people that are trying to better their company and community to be taken for thousands of dollars in money because they purchased a search engine optimization service from an Orlando SEO firm that simnply farmed their work out to a person that did not know how to properly take on SEO related tasks.

With this in mind I can completely understand why a high percentage of business owners in Central Florida are very cautious of these so called “Orlando SEO Experts”.  I would be questionable of them as well because many of you are getting calls, emails and letters in the mail on a daily basis with promises of riches overnight by these “experts” pitching the next best thing.  On top of this if you even read or listen to these pitches to you about marketing your business online you will see a conflicting story on what supposedly works.  When it comes to Orlando Local SEO it is completely understandable why things can be confusing on where to begin.

This is why it is critical that you take the time to sort through all the noise you are getting promoted to you constantly.  We eat, sleep and breath SEO here at Orlando SEO Consultants and this is why I ask you to please read the below tips to help protect your online presence.  If you don’t end up contacting me or if you would like to use these tips as a way to test others knowledge in the area of SEO services, EXCELLENT!  However, if you have any questions we are always available to assist you with your online marketing needs.

You will find that we are different than the other SEO “companies” as we perform the work ourselves and do not farm it out like many others do.  This is not beneficial for you or your company as we believe it is critical to be the people behind the SEO work performed for your business.

If you have a business in the Orlando, Florida or Central Florida, SEO serives are critical to aid your business to properly grow.  The days of having your phone number in the phone book are no longer the way people look for you today.  Many people now turn towards the major search engines such as Google in order to find your business.  A high percentage of large businesses have already seen this trend and are putting it into place for their marketing.

However, many small business owners are not completely clear about the benefits online advertising can provide for them and the major benefits proper SEO can provide for them.  It is important for business owners to understand and explore the vast opportunities that SEO will provide you in order to stay in front of your competition so you get get qualified leads calling your business from their searched performed in Google.

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo aid people in finding solutions the the simple search queries that they look for on the internet.  Think about the last time you wanted to try out a new restaurant in your area or to see what the latest events in Orlando were, odds are you searched the internet for this information.  The search engines will take the specific keywords you are searching for and provide you with a number of results ordered by the importance of your search term entered.Google

Google is the primary search engine used by people on a daily basis.  Search engine optimization assists individuals locate the information they are looking for based on the set of keywords they are searching for.  Our services are designed to assist your company with top results in the search engines in order to drive more qualified leads to your business.

If you would like to discuss your options feel free to give us a call today and we will gladly answer any of your questions.  We know this can be a stressful time for small business owners moving into the world of the internet.  We will work directly with you through this process in order to answer all of your questions.  Communication is a critical component to our Orlando SEO Services and we want this to be a stress free and beneficial relationship for all of us.

Things to Consider About Regarding the Best SEO Services

1. Keyword Research – Are you aware of what your potential clients are searching for to find you on the search engines?  Many people make the mistake of not conducting proper keyword research in order to find out what people are actually searching for.  It is pointless to rank for keywords in the search engines that are not being actively searched for.  It can be an exciting time to see that you are ranking on the first page for a certain keyword but confusion will set in when you are not seeing positive results.  This generally leads to a belief that SEO does not work and it is a waste of time.  However, the problem is proper keyword research was not done and the keywords that are ranking are sending valuable leads to your competition.  Unfortunately for most small business owners the SEO Consultant you hired failed to start with the basics of proper keyword research.

A Search Engine Optimization Company should provide you with a list of keywords your company should be working towards ranking in their proposal to you.  If they do not provide you with this valuable information I would highly recommend that you move on by not working with them.  With this basic information you can’t make a proper decision in your online marketing plans.  It is important to see the amount of search volume your business can expect to generate on a monthly basis.  In certain markets SEO is not worth investing in because the online search volume is not there to produce a positive ROI.

Google is a good starting point for keyword research as they will provide this information for free.  However, it is important to keep in mind that the data they provide you with is not perfect but it is an excellent starting point to give you a close estimate on the amount of traffic you can expect a search term to get.Recommendation: Be sure to ask them if they are providing you with exact match or broad match results.  You will want to have them provide you with exact match results because this will give you more accurate information to help base your decision.  You can learn more about Broad Match vs Exact Match searches here.

2. Is SEO Right For Your Company – The truth is SEO is not the right move for all small business owners.  Clearly most SEO companies will advise you it is required for your company to be successful but this is not always the case and it can actually cost you a great deal of money.  Any SEO Consultant should be willing to help you calculate this to see if it is worth your investment.

There are three factors that you will want to take into consideration before putting Search Engine Optimization to work for your company:

1. The average value of your customer
2. The quality of leads that are searching for you3. Costs to have SEO performed

What we are trying to determine is are the costs of SEO going to be worth it for your business?  Will ranking on the first page of Google provide you with a positive ROI after investing into SEO?  Obviously we can’t see into the future and know without a doubt it will be a positive result.  However, by using the above three details you will have a much better understanding if it is worth the investment.

If you determine that applying Search Engine Optimization to your marketing efforts will only provide you with $200 over the next year from ranking first for multiple terms it clearly is not worth the investment.  However, if you will get 10 times the return on your investment it is clearly worth the effort.

This is why step 1, Keyword research is so important.  Without doing keyword research you will not be able to make an estimate.

If you are in need of help with this process feel free to contact me and I will assist you with it.

3. What Do The Search Engines Think Of Your Website – What do the major search engines think of your website?  Clearly, Google is the primary focus here because the majority of individuals use Google for searching the internet.  Clearly you will want to have everything setup properly in order to build trust with them.  You will want to do a complete on page and off page analysis of your website to help you determine this.

On Page Analysis Factors:

1. Do you have the correct keywords in the title of your pages?
2. Do you have your primary keywords and variations of it within your content at least once?3. Are you doing internal linking on your website correctly?
4. Have you designed your website to be user friendly?

Off Page Analysis Factors:

1. Do you know the number of sites that are linking to you?
2. What type of websites are linking to you?
3. Are sites linking to you relevant?
4. What anchor text is being used to link to your website?

The above factors will give you a good indication of your standing.  Clearly this is not an easy process for many to figure out.  If you are having issues with this area feel free to contact me and I will help you along with the process.

4. Is Your Website Currently Ranking – Do you know if you are currently ranking in the major search engines?  There are many types of software that will help you obtain this information.  It is absolutely critical that you are tracking this information.

If you do not have this setup then I urge you to contact me today and I will assist you in getting this setup.  This information will tell you a great deal about your marketing efforts.

There are a wide range of free options and the sooner you start collecting this data the better off you will be.

5. Do You Have Duplicate Content – There are two types of duplicate content.  There is on site duplicate content and off site duplicate content.  Overall, I would recommend having no duplicate content at all.  However, it is more important that you do not have on site duplicate content or you risk getting penalized by Google.  Make sure you have completely unique content on your website.

While I find it to not be as critical, I do recommend checking to see if the content on your website is being duplicated on other websites.  You can do this by checking Copyscape to see if any other websites match your content.  If you do locate off site duplicate content you can simple change your content slightly to fix this problem.

6. What is Your Competition? – Are you aware of your competition on the first page of Google? Are you going to be dealing with a monster of a competitor that has had solid SEO services put into place for their business?  Many SEO consultants like to tell you how many people in total are competing for the keywords you are after.  However, the only results that matter are the first 10 because the majority of people will not go past the first page of results when searching.

A good way to look at this is would you rather go one on one with LeBron James or a kid that has never played basketball.  Clearly your odds of winning are dramatically higher against the kid that has never played basketball.  No doubt a rare percentage could get lucky and beat LeBron but I would not bet my life on it.

It is absolutely critical that you take a look at who you are going up against as it will give you an idea of how much money you can expect to spend in order to compete with them.  By not looking into this you could be wasting money every month with no clear indication of where you should be going.  Remember there are certain markets where you will be going up against the Lebron James of SEO and you will need to bring the Michael Jordan of his prime to beat them.

7. Do You Know The Necessary Steps To Take? – Your SEO Consultant should be able to provide you with an action plan so you know the correct direction to move in.

Clearly you can’t expect for them to give you a step by step plan but you should get a general outline on what will best benefit your business at the end of the day.  You can also expect for this plan to change as changes in SEO occur.  This should be expected as algorithms do change within the search engines.

One important thing to understand is your link building should gradually build itself up.  Of you speak with a “SEO Expert” and they tell you they are going to start off by sending a bunch of links to your site, move on.  They are simply going to take your money and end up getting you penalized in the search results.

8. Google Local Listings – Are you taking advantage of the Google Local listings.  These listings give you the ability to have your business phone number, address and reviews on the first page of Google.  This is generally where I recommend most business owners put some of their marketing towards because it is a powerful way to generate new leads to your business.  Below is an image of Orlando Local SEO showing you the Google Local Listings.

Orlando Google Local ListingsClosing Thoughts On The Best SEO Services For Your Company

It is easy to see why things can become so difficult for business owners when it comes to their online marketing choices.  You are constantly pitched many different things on a daily basis and it only adds to the confusion.  Make sure you put the above tips to use when you are dealing with any SEO company.  If you would like for us to perform a free online business analysis of your web presence feel free to get into touch with me today and we will gladly assist you with your online marketing needs.